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World's most Powerful Staking Program with a tokenized economy


About Blue Chip Token

Bluechip Investments with the advent of technology has ventured into the blockchain space and is using technology to leverage the potential of investments form its customer base in providing high yield returns through tokenization.

BLUECHIP Token was designed as an Investment product to have the convenience of all services in one ecosystem for the investors. Our goal is to help maximize the investors’ steady and fast growth in the market.

We have created a staking program using the Blue chip Token that investors can invest and earn high returns from multiple industries, all on a single platform. This is one of the world's most powerful staking programs to offer such high returns.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to support tomorrow’s leaders in building value-driven and successful businesses.


Our Vision

Our Vision is to become the global leader and the best service provider for our clients

How does it work

Blue Chip Token team of consultants and advisors are professionals from the industry with varied experience. The investments are guided in multiple industries where Blue chip has years of experience and strong foothold. The returns are accumulated and distributed among the token holders depending upon their staking value. The Investors have guaranteed returns on a monthly basis and also have the advantage to capitalize on the potentially increasing value of Blue Chip Token.


BLUECHIP connects the visionary entrepreneurs to the resources


Blue Chip Token will act as an investment tool that will be the funding mechanism and mode of returns as well.

Blue Chip Token has extrinsic utility that allows the investor to spread the risk and get structured returns from diversified portfolio

Our highly experienced and dedicated experts will aim to make things seamless and earn returns effortlessly.

User Process


Business Consulting & Advisory

Our highly experienced and dedicated experts will aim to make things faster, easier and smoother along with company restructure advice and solutions, for you in any segment


Banking and financial Services

BLUECHIP’s banking consultants understand all aspects of the process of BFSI and hence assist our clients with investments and banking products. Therefore, we provide complete guidance in relation to banking activities in a very straight and easy manner.



We provide a platform for easy trading and making the process hassle-free for our clients along with information on the market. Trading with a trusted broker is crucial for the success of the business, for which we provide tools for research along with an expert in the field. Grabbing onto opportunities in the market is our forte, and making it profitable is our mission


Real Estate

BLUECHIP takes pride in our knowledge about the Real Estate Market and providing the best real estate consultants in order to connect our clients with their expectations on Residential and Commercial properties


Entertainment & Media

BlueChip is actively involved in movie production and distribution. Has been instrumental in working with large production and media houses of the Indian film industry and A list bollywood personalities.

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